Welcome To Them 20 Somethings

Welcome To Them 20 Somethings

You've just turned 21. You're confident, energetic, positive and ready for whatever the world offers.

You're nearly 30. You can hardly drink a glass of wine, without being hungover. You're still saying 'I really need to exercise'. All your Instagram friends look like their doing juuust fiiine. You're insecure, constantly questioning yourself and scrambling to get your life together (whatever that means).

The time you spend in your 20s is the most crucial in shaping who you are and will be as a person. The problem? You're either too busy living your best life or too distracted feeling sorry for yourself.

Not to sound like your mum, but the below things will happen. We will say we told you so. But unlike your mum, we're not gonna sit around feeling sorry for you. 

The point is. Be prepared son.

  1. You’ll be lonely
  2. You’ll be poor
  3. You’ll be confused (all the time)
  4. You’ll have your heart broken
  5. The majority of the people you interact with are douchebags
  6. Your career path will change
  7. Making new friends is difficult (because people are douchebags)
  8. You will lose some of your friends (because people are douchebags)
  9. Your metabolism will slow down (for real)
  10. It’s not too late to reinvent yourself
  11. You have to put in effort, you can’t just get by
  12. Blacking out cannot be a general state of mind
  13. Your degree means nothing
  14. Hangovers aren’t a figment of your imagination

Yep it's not pretty. But it will be okay. 

Welcome to them 20 somethings.

This article was based on 20 things no one warns you about your 20s, originally published on Elite Daily.

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