Our Story

27Society Team

Our story began when two high-school students were placed together in a political and legal studies class many moons ago. (Don’t ask Mr Payne if we were good students.)

After fumbling through our teens and into our early 20s, it was time for a change. 

27Society started mostly out of a frustration of our hometown Perth, being well, Perth.

But instead of complaining and worrying about ourselves, we shifted our focus to thinking about what we could do to change thing up.

We began by just coming up with different ideas.

Our first idea, Hip Hop Yoga, wasn't exactly an original, but it was something we were drawn to.

With a bit of optimism we jumped straight in and created the event series now known as Electric Relaxation, Perth's first Annual Hip Hop Yoga Event. The event is now in it's third year, backed by extremely supportive community, each event has been an experience we will never forget.

Now more than ever, we want to continue to create, support and inspire others along the way. 

Even if we fail, at least we could say we tried.